Сервер государственных органов власти Новороссии

Union of Sovereign Republics - Novorossiya

Declaration of State Sovereignty of Novorossiya


The 12th of December, 2014

Declaration of State Sovereignty of Novorossiya

Adopted by Congress of Deputies of All Levels
on the 12th of December, 2014

Proceeding from the principles of international law and the UN Charter, including the right of nations of self-determination, and the people's will to create a sovereign sate clearly expressed at the referendum on the 11th of May, 2014, Congress of Deputies of All Levels hereby adopts the present Declaration of State Sovereignty of Novorossiya and proclaims the creation of the Union of Sovereign Republics – the State of Novorossiya.

1. Novorossiya is hereby proclaimed as a state – Union of Sovereign Republic, on the ground of recognition of continuity of operation of the Treaty on the Creation of the USSR dated December 30, 1922. Any administrative territorial entities of the USSR that have recognized the operation of the Treaty on the Creation of the USSR dated December 30, 1922 (as amended on December 12, 2014) in any form on behalf of the people or with its support shall be participants of the Union of Sovereign Republics.

2. The people of Novorossiya shall be the holder of its sovereignty and the only source of state authority. The people shall have a right to armed defense of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Union of Sovereign Republics, a right to freely own weapons, to form armed People's Militia, to elect its commanders directly and to form armed People's Volunteer Corps in case of a war or a threat to sovereignty.

3. Novorossiya hereby dissolves all political ties with the former state of Ukraine, it shall neither be nor strive to be a part of a common political space with it. As a free and independent state, Novorossiya shall be authorized to declare war and make peace, to enter alliances, to conduct international trade and to take any actions to which any independent state is entitled.

4. Novorossiya shall form close, friendly, equal and, by common consent, allied relations with the Russian Federation. Russian shall be the official language of Novorossiya.

5. The executive, legislative and judicial authority, as well as territorial militia, shall be formed exclusively by the people, directly or through deputies elected by the people. Creation of independent authorities not controllable by the people or its legitimate representatives shall be prohibited. Deputies and officials shall be elected by the people directly and personally, replacement of direct elections by party lists shall be prohibited. Every deputy shall represent his or her electors and may be recalled by them.

6. Novorossiya is hereby proclaimed as a social state fully responsible for the well-being of all the members of society. Novorossiya shall recognize all forms of ownership. However, it shall support state and collective ownership, disallow excessive private monopolization threatening public interests, privatization of utilities and infrastructure, as well as abuse of the right to private property to the detriment to citizens, labor collectives, society and state. The conditions of operation of private enterprises using hired labor shall be determined by tripartite commissions composed of representatives of the employer, the labor collective and the state. Mineral resources, forests, water resources and land outside the territories of cities and villages shall be indivisible public property, land in cities and villages shall be municipal or private property. Everyone engaged in full-time farming or subsidiary farming in good faith shall retain his or her rights to till the earth and enjoy additional support of the state.

7. Everyone born in Novorossiya or residing in it legally and in good faith for more than five years, as well as everyone who took part in the defense of sovereignty of Novorossiya in the ranks of the Volunteer Corps shall be considered as a citizen of Novorossiya. All citizens of Novorossiya shall have equal rights. No citizen of Novorossiya may be deprived of citizenship without his or her consent. Citizens of Novorossiya shall have a right to get passports but shall not be obliged to have them. The availability or lack of any documents shall not influence the scope of civil rights of citizens of Novorossiya. Foreigners who are legally present in Novorossiya shall enjoy equal rights with its citizens, except the right to own arms, as well as electoral and labor rights.

Congress of Deputies of All Levels
The 12th of December, 2014


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